Gift Guide to Spoil Pet Parents and Your Pets!

by Nancy Hassel,

We love to spoil our pets, and that is one of the reasons our pet industry is so large, I have always said, that people will buy anything for their pets! This holiday season, I of course still encourage you to shop locally and buy products for your pets and perhaps a few toys for your local animal shelter pets. But if you’re stumped on what gifts to give your human BFF, favorite pet parent, or animal lover in your life – we have curated a list of items below to spoil them and/or their pets!

Perfect gifts for pet parents!

If you’re like me, you love your morning cup of coffee. However I did not start drinking coffee until my mid-30s, I was always a tea drinker, and still love a daily cup of tea. Whether it is a black tea or herbal tea, I have tried a lot of brands over the years and some are good, some are just okay, but I recently came across Tea Forte brand of tea – and it is absolutely delicious! For the holiday season, they have limited-edition boxed teas and Advent calendars that will make the purrfect gift hostess gift for those holiday parties.

So far, some of my favorite flavors are the Sweet Orange Spice, Chocolate Fondue, and the Ginger Lemongrass in the Winter Chalet box. The limited edition teas, will make the absolute best gift for your favorite pet parent who loves their “spot of tea, honey?” Nothing like savoring that orange spice and black tea after a chilly dog walk to warm you. Visit their website today to see all the lovely gifts you can get today!

Tea Forte

Have a wildlife lover in your life, and just never know what to get them? Do you have someone who loves to watch birds, and you are looking for a fun, festive, and reusable holiday item that will make the best gift? Wild bird lovers will adore the pop-up Winter Tree that you get to decorate with their very vibrant cut birds and decorate a tabletop with. The tree is made from 100% recycled paper, a mailing envelope that matches the tree, a paper stand that is attached and vibrant bird cutouts, and a card.

Created by Fresh Cut Paper, they have so many varieties to choose from for the holidays and beyond. There is literally something for everyone. I adore the bird tree because you can leave it out all winter long as a decoration, perhaps near where you watch the birds at your feeder.

I love the quality and vibrancy of Fresh Cut Paper’s products, and if you have anyone in your life that may just love stickers – they will love this too. Check out all their products by going to their website here.

You didn’t think I forgot about gifts for your pets, did you? Some are for both of you see below!

What can I say about the Spleash, other than it is one of my favorite products that I bring on every single dog walk with Cody. I started using Spleash over 2 years ago now, and it is just one of those pet products I could not live without. If you have not heard of this product, today is your lucky day! Spleash is an all-in-one spray leash handle that holds up to 12 oz of fresh drinking water and has a cup attached to it that folds down when you are done giving your pup water.

The built-in spray, sprays out a steady stream of water up to 14 feet away, that you can use to stop an off-leash animal that is quickly approaching. It is eco-friendly because you are not using water bottles over and over. It is so durable, made of human food-grade plastic, the mother-daughter creators of Spleash ran it over with a truck, barely a scratch and they even pulled a truck with it and it stayed on the leash! Spleash attaches to any leash, you can use the handle or like I do let it dangle at the top of the leash.

Cody always has fresh water while on his walks and we have tried many different products, carrying bowls, and bottles, no thank you. If you know someone who walks their dogs frequently like I do, Spleash is a game changer. Save 10% today by clicking here to get your own Spleash or a gift for your favorite dog parent.

Are you a croc shoe aficionado or know someone who is, who just happens to have a dog? You have to check out the Charmdana by WagAround Town. This fun and trending dog clothing accessory will stop people in their tracks, that has been my experience while Cody has worn his! The Charmdana comes with one WagAround Town charm and one surprise charm Wag-Witty Charm.

The Charmdana comes in 3 adjustable sizes and 5 different colors to choose from. It is durable, comfortable, and waterproof – and makes your pup stand out while strutting around town, at the beach, or park. I have walked Cody for a few miles with it on, and brought him to events with it – it is not hot, especially since it has holes in it to add charms to, nor is it too heavy on his neck. Everyone had a smile on their face and we got so many comments about, mainly where did you get that? You can purchase additional Wag-Witty Charms to suit your pup’s personality, celebrate different holidays or even to match your charms.

WagAround Town also has a line of pet toys and another favorite is the WagAround Town Travel Mat. Think like a yoga mat, but for your dog to lay down on, or sit on if you love to take your dog with you to dog-friendly outdoor restaurants. The travel mat rolls up, for easy carrying and you can bundle your purchase to include the handy attachment so that you can throw it over your shoulder to carry with you.

This is also a fantastic way to teach your dog ‘place’ while training so that when you do head to that outdoor cafe and you want your dog to place on the mat, they already know what to do. I also used the mat for Cody while he was healing from surgery over the summer, it gave him a clean place to lay while chilling out on the deck. Mats come in two different sizes, many different colors and you can even get custom mats done. Save 10% today by clicking here to get your own Travel Mat or Charmdana for your pup or that dog parent friend in your life.

Another product that I absolutely adore for Cody, is Liquid Turmeric by Kangaroo Dogs – which Cody has been getting in his food every day for over 2.5 years now. Initially, we tried it out to help alleviate the inflammation he gets from his seasonal allergies on his paws. All the leaves on the ground in the fall and the stuff that people put all over their lawns aka fertilizer and who knows what else, always affects his paws. Giving him liquid turmeric daily, literally stopped his allergies in its tracks. I tried everything, including multiple veterinary visits, and other holistic products – nothing worked like this.

I also love this product for all the incredible properties of turmeric provides for him. You do not have to add black pepper or make any golden paste, and it is so easy and convenient to put in your dog’s food daily. It is also 100% organic and Kangaroo Dog’s proprietary formula is produced using ultrasonic technology, providing the maximum potency of turmeric so your dog can jump back into an active lifestyle faster. Save 10% today by clicking here and getting this incredible product for your dog!

This year seems to be the year of the holiday calendar, and this one is just too cute for your dogs. Better Bully Sticks has a Pawliday Calendar that is a lot of fun for your pup to open daily and enjoy a small treat. Cody loved opening his – you can see he started in the middle of the month! Get yours today by clicking here.

Recently we got the Paw Smart Puzzle Lick Bowl slow feeder, you may have seen it all over TikTok. Cody has never used a slow feeder before and I was a bit skeptical of the quality just because it is hard to see on a video. But to my surprise, this is a very well-made product, easy to clean, and slowed Cody’s eating down big time!

I believe the longest it has taken him has been close to 20 minutes to fully get every morsel of food off the slow feeder. It has grips on the bottom, so your dog will not be moving it all over the floor and a spinner on the top to make it a little more of a mental challenge for your dog to get all their food. Check out the video of it on Cody’s TikTok here.

Happy Pawildays, Meowy Christmas – and here’s to spoiling that pet parent and pet in your life. Which of the above items are you going to get?

For some of the items listed above, we are eligible for commission, however, we would not list them if we did not love them, and use them daily.

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