Welcome to ThisFurryLife!

Welcome to ThisFurryLife!

We  are thrilled you stopped by to visit our brand new lifestyle pet, nature and adventure blog!  Brought to you by our parent company, American Pet Professionals and it’s founder, Nancy E. Hassel.

“After years of writing for our hyperlocal pet consumer blog, LIPetPlace.com, established in late 2009, and for Examiner.com as the Long Island Pets Writer, (Examiner.com no longer exists), I for one and am incredibly grateful for where both of those blog platforms have taken me, my business and our amazing pet community.  Especially LIPetPlace.com – the people that I have met through it, the places I have gone, animals we have featured and helped, pet professionals we have worked with via the blog – it truly has been an incredible ride.  While that blog is not going any where, any time soon, I have felt some what cornered in they hyper-localness of LIPetPlace.com.  As someone who has been traveling across the country for years for the pet industry and exploring new opportunities for writing, photography and stretching my creativity – I was itching to do something new and different.  Yet, stay in he pet community space while highlighting other areas of interest and not really be confined by location.  With that, I am super exicted to announce the newest venture, ThisFurryLife.com!  A Lifestyle blog for Pet, Nature and Adventure loving humans!” ~ Nancy Hassel

With this new blog you can expect to see beautiful photography, articles, videos and lifestyle content in the pet, nature and wildlife and adventure realm.   We will of course bring you the latest and greatest pet information for pet parents, our favorite new product finds in the pet world, education for pet parents and much more.   It is our Furry life after all!

There will also be pet community information – whether it’s here locally on Long Island, NY or across the country – and lifestlye posts not bound to pets.

Our event section will reflect the Pet Events Newsletter that has been running for nearly 9 years and goes out every Wednesday, you can sign up for it on the Events tab and never miss another pet event!  (A lot of information on the Events tab if as well, which is associated with our parent site, American Pet Professionals!).
Once again, thank you for stopping by ThisFurryLife – and we can’t wait to bring you new content, information and shine a beautiful light on the furry lives we choose to bring into ours.

We are always interested in hearing from you, please feel free to email us at: Info@ThisFurryLife.com.


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