Cool New Pet Products at P3 in Chicago!

By Nancy E. Hassel,

Last week, we traveled to Chicago for the first annual P3 Pet Expo, a new mid-west pet product trade show for the pet industry.  It was refreshing to be able to actually talk to so many vendors there, compared to the large scale size of Global Pet Expo and SuperZoo.  While P3 was smaller in comparison to the bid dawgs of the industry, there were many new pet product vendors there – with just genius ideas to help you and your pet in your every day life.  Here are our favorite finds, we think you will love them too:

Poop, Scoop & Boogie: Ok so this one literally stopped me in my tracks, because I couldn’t believe someone came up with such a great idea.  While this may not be glamorous, it is so needed.  The Poop, Scoop & Boogie is a magnetized poop bag holder that you put on the back of your car – so let’s say you’re at the beach or hiking or camping and there is no where to dispose of your dogs poop, and being the good responsible dog owner you are – you bring it back with you.  But no one wants that stinky poop bag in their car with them, so this genius product will hold it outside of your car, up to 3 bags worth, until you can dispose of them when you get back home.  It is basically a trash can for outside of the car that mounts with rubber coated magnets.  We did a Facebook Live interview with this brand new company which you can see by clicking here.  When not in use, it sits flat on the back of your car.  Retails for $19.99.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.52.49 AM

Mine Pet Platter – In the world of feeder bowls, treat toys to keep your pet busy, the new Mine Pet Platter was an interesting new take on a natural way of feeding your dog or cat.  From their website:
A revolutionary new product that will forever change the way dogs and cats eat! The Original mine Pet Platter is the first-ever pet mealware™, designed to unleash the instinctive eating behavior of dogs and cats—offering the “ultimate natural feeding experience”!  The patented mine Pet Platter design encourages dogs and cats to unleash instinctive, healthier eating behaviors and engages their minds in a way that is both entertaining and psychologically rewarding. Indentations, crevices and curves encourage licking, tracking, foraging and other natural stimulating feeding behaviors.  You have to visit their website to learn more, I do like the concept for cats, and for dogs that eat fast (like my dog).


Bandana Bowl – Ok so here is another, duh, why didn’t I think of that product.  I hate to carry stuff while walking my dog Cody.  I have a couple of clip ons I can put on his leash, poop bags, a case that holds my phone, keys, treats etc., and even a clip on water bottle.  Did I mention I hate to carry things while walking him?  The problem is, when I give him water from the bottle he tends to get some water down the wrong pipe if you will and coughs.  I have tried some of the water bottles with built in ‘dishes’ but he really doesn’t like them, but he will drink from the portable, collaspable bowls (which I don’t want to carry!), so now this Bandana Bowl made by Kooper and Co., is just brilliant.  He can wear the bandana, and when he needs a drink simply take off the velcroed bandana, open the bowl part, give him a drink so he doesn’t get water down his wind pipe – and just dump out excess water put the bandana back on.  Love it!

14212557_10208068048233614_6089758022205195103_n 14192612_10208068049313641_4141156191652305659_n

Chews Happiness – just launched an all new natural earth line for their Happiness Hugs, using the natural color from yak down – it’s a beautiful grey/brown color and super soft.  You have to visit their website to see all their new products and this is truly a luxury item for your favorite pet! Chews Happiness for your pets they will love you for it! (<That’s my own line – I love their products!)

3 Earth Line Hugs - Both

Tall Tails – Just launched all new line of natural dog toys, comprised of leather, wool, cotton and jute – providing a functional, non-toxic toy option for dogs of all sizes and ages. All Tall Tails Natural Toys are made of 100 percent natural materials that are free of harsh toxic chemicals, as well as artificial colors and flavors.  Tall Tails leather/wool bone chew toys are soft, durable and gentle on teeth and gums. The cotton/jute rope and the natural leather/wool tug toys are great for interactive play and can contribute to training and boosting self-esteem and courage.   I can’t wait to have Cody play with these, while he is a tough chewer, I can see these toys holding up to his strong play!


Just for fun pet products – I absolutely love these blinged out Converse Sneakers – ok so the little dog shoes are too cute, not for my dog, but you can just see someone in NYC walking around with these.   I would definitely wear these sneakers.  Blinged out by Dreamtime Creations – their booth was the sparkliest booth there – and can seemingly adorn many different pet products.


And these timely poop bags by MetroPaws are just too funny, no matter who you like or don’t like, there is something to choose from.


Were you at P3? What were your favorite finds? We would love to know!


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