Horsing around the Hampton Classic!

by Nancy E. Hassel, ThisFurryLife

The Hampton Classic is an annual summer event in the Hamptons where horse loving sport enthusiasts gather from around the globe to see some of the finest compete in horse jumping.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been, but I can tell you the first time I ever went was in 1996, when my Doberman, Shanna was just a year old, and obsessed with horses (I think she thought she was one).  So what better place to go than to a horse show with a horse obsessed dog?


What I didn’t realize was how close you are to the horses jumping.  There are different areas where the compete throughout the venue, but you can basically sit and watch as the horse are just feet from you jumping and running by.  It is truly a treat to see in person.  My Doberman – well let’s just say she was a hit with her front paws on top of the hedges watching with so much excitement and admiration, and if she could have got in the ring and run with them, she would have!  So many people stopped to take pictures of her watching – she was a little celebrity if you will.


I took her a few times over the years to the classic, and even my old dog Max went with me – he didn’t really care that much about the horses though.  Last summer I took my newly adopted dog Cody for his first time – not sure what to expect, if he would be as enamored by the horses, or just excited to see all the people there (he loves people so much).  He didn’t really care about the horses, but loved all the attention he got while there, and of course was such a good boy.


If you are looking for something affordable to do in the Hamptons that is outdoors and involves horses, animal rescues, boutique shopping and more – it’s only $10 bucks a person and $20 a carload.  Bring your camera and stay a while to see all the classic has to offer – you never know you may even see a human celebrity or two.


Cody hanging out in the ASPCA booth at the Hamtpon Classic
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