Fun finds at SuperZoo – Cats Meow Edition!

by Nancy E. Hassel, ThisFurryLife

Two weeks ago while at SuperZoo in Las Vegas, while walking the trade show floor, I always looking for new, different, unique, useful and creative pet products that capture my attention.  And with 4 miles of trade show floor, there was a lot to see.  Including everything I saw that I like would be nearly impossible, this week we are showcasing some fun products for cats that are new or newer to the market.

Cat Products:

These adorable nip-nap catnip infused cat toys are hand-crafted, yet colorful and they wobble as your cat plays with them.  And the packing is just darn cute.  Made by Goli Designs.

Nip-naps Owl – Handcrafted catnip infused cat toys.


The Whisker Teaser toys also made by Goli Designs, remind me of ponytail holders from when I was a kid.  Colorful, bright and designed for you to play and interact with your cat.


Have a cat that has sophisticated taste of champagne, CATbernet, Pinot Meow or MosCATo?  With flavors like Salmon Catnip, your cat will be wanting to imbibe daily.  (Sorry I couldn’t resist!)  Don’t worry these are NON-alcoholic, (never give your pets alcohol!), adorabully packaged vino for cats and dogs.  🙂  Consisting of fresh organic catnip, peppermint, chamomile and other herbs grown in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and organic beets, made by Apollo Creek.  I just LOVE these for your next upscale fundraising event or adoption event.



This sweetly crafted PetLinks cat toy debuted, it was just one of the many new cat toys debuting at the Worldwise booth.Foxy Flyer

These colorful bowls come in a few different sizes, many patterns and colors to choose from.  Picture below are purrfect for cats or small dogs.  I love them all and wouldn’t be able to choose!



IMG_6743Kitty Kasas are stackable cat houses can create a fun environment for your
cats, they lock snuggly into place for added security.  And this penthaus sits sercurly on top of Kitty Kasa so your cat can perch on top, or you can use it by itself.  Either way the bright pink fish design is sure to fit into many decors!IMG_6739

Were you at SuperZoo this year? What was your favorite find?  Dog parents, our next post will be about our favorite finds for dogs!




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