Pet Travel Items for your Car!

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 by Nancy Hassel,
If you live in the northeast – you know it has been a wet and muddy spring, May temps have felt like late March.   All those May showers surely brought more flowers, in addition to wet and muddy trails at the park that make for wet and muddy paws in your car.  Unless you have one of my favorite new pet products 4Knines seat covers and I wouldn’t say that if it was not true!

I have had these car seat covers for months in my car, and the difference they have made by keeping my car clean has been incredible.   The amount of sand from the beach, mud from the park and dog hair all lands on the car seat covers and I just simply remove shake out and put back in.  They are machine washable as well – but I have yet to have to do that.  Easily adjustable – they don’t slip off and there are even areas that you can unzip, for example, to put my dog Cody in his safety harness for the car, just unzip the area for the seat belt, clip in the attachment for the harness, and zip the area closed.  Simple as that.  So if your car has been a mess from the rain and mud, and you are constantly going to the car wash, save some water and get these car seat covers!   



If you’re road tripping it cross country or just a day trip, we often have to make stops, and if you’re traveling alone, a rest stop break can be very stressful for a pet parent.  What do you do?  Do you leave the car running, locked of course, with the AC on – well yes – but what if you’re inside the rest stop for longer than you think you would be?  You know that Starbucks line is always crazy long and not too quick.  In this day and age, we are so lucky to have high tech pet products like the Pet Monitor 4G that can help you and your pet as you travel.  


Pet Monitor 4G, by RV Pet Safety, ensures your pet’s safety right on your mobile from anywhere, anytime.  It monitors your pet’s environment temperature in real-time and alerts you via SMS/email immediately when the temperature goes above or below the point you set.   So if you left your car or RV locked and running with the AC on, and it suddenly stopped working, you would get an alert when the temperature got to warm and you will get an alert on your phone.   


Another safety item is a pet safety harness.  Now I know some of you reading this like to ride with your pup in your lap – never a good thing.  If you have to slam on the breaks or dog forbid something worse happens, that pup can be seriously injured in an accident.   In New Jersey, there is a law in effect for the past few years that if you’re caught driving without your dog in a safety harness, it is a $250 fine and that is per pet that is not safely buckeled up in your car.   (So don’t try to turn left with your dog unharnessed in NJ!)   There are many safety harnesses on the market – I highly suggest you do your research and look for one that is crash tested.  

Follow Cody on his adventures on Insta! @AdventureswithCodythebluenose

My dog doesn’t really like being harnessed, but he is always excited in the car, especially if someone else is traveling with us – he thinks he is a 68lb lap dog – so in the harness, he goes.  He is clipped in with just enough room to move around a bit, and get a drink from the water bowl that is always in my car.  And make sure you fit the harness correctly to ensure the best safety for that harness.

If you’re on the road and you find yourself in need of a veterinarian or pet store and you’re in an area that you don’t know, what do you do?   Well you’re in luck the Pet Connect app is the perfect tool for any pet owner traveling or not.  What the Pet Connect app will do for you while youre traveling is it will automatically geo locate your phone and you will be able to locate the nearest veterinarian or pet store wherever you’re traveling.

You can also store all of your pet’s records, medications, ailments they may on the app as well – so if you need to share that information a new veterinarian you can simply click within the app to email the records to the vet.  To download the Pet Connect app go to the AppStore or Google Play store. 


While hitting the road with your pet is fun, it’s always better when you are prepared.
Have a fun photo of your pet on the road with you to send to us?  Share in the comment section below! Happy trails!

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