Favorite DIY Pet Halloween Costumes!

by staff of ThisFurryLife.com

Howl-o-ween pet costume contests, parades and pawties are about to take over every weekend until October 31st – no matter where you live.   So we thought it would be fun to put together some of our favorite DYI costumes we have seen recently and throughout the years!

Rory a 7-month-old adorabull Frenchie, makes the absolute perfect land seal!  Rory’s mom,  Heather Peacock Land said, “I was inspired to make her into a spotted seal because I thought it would match her markings really well.  I hand-painted the spots just to match her.”  The costume was custom sewn for Rory – but the artwork Heather did, just purrfect!  You can follow Rory’s adventures on Instagram @Rory.the.merle.frenchie

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 8.07.13 AM
Photo Credit: Heather Peacock Land – @rory.the.merle.frenchie

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 8.07.25 AMPhoto Credit: Heather Peacock Land – @rory.the.merle.frenchie

This beautiful Great Dane has been a fixture at the Old Westbury Gardens Dog Days Howl-o-ween weekend.  Her human makes incredible costumes every year, and out does herself year after year.  And the costume is only on for the parade and costume part of the day (and you know for a bunch of pictures).  Here in her dragon best – amazing!

Photo credit: Nancy Hassel
Photo credit: Nancy Hassel

The scary movie IT inspired this adorable and so simple costume idea by our friends Yeyush the Chihuahua – is timely, trendy and just perfect.  A couple of doggie raincoats and balloons – perfect – just be careful if you’re at an event that another pup doesn’t pop those balloons.  We love Yeyush and Renzo!

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 8.18.25 AM

This costume is so simple, yet adorable – officer Rottie!

Photo credit: Nancy Hassel

And we couldn’t leave out our own Cody – when he was running for ‘Pawsident’ back in 2016!  He even had a campaign manager and gave out literature as to why he should have been Pawsident.


Are you doing a DYI costume for your pet?  Want them to be featured?
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