Holiday Pet Gift Guide 2020 – with a special animal rescue edition!

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Our annual Holiday Pet Gift Guide for the pet and pet parents in your life has returned!   If you are looking for some fabulous gifts for the pet or the pet lover in your life, our guide below will help you find must have items.   There is something for pets and pet parents listed below.  Be sure to explore their websites as there are many more products on each of their websites to find!   This year our list includes a special section for animal rescues and non-profit organizations helping pets and their people who you can give back to.   Wishing you and your pets a wonderful Holiday Season!

Jiminy’s makes sustainable dog food and treats using cricket protein!
Crickets are an amazing and sustainable superfood.  They use exponentially less land, water and feed than traditional protein sources.  Crickets emit far fewer greenhouse gases and have a fantastic nutrition profile.  Pound for pound, more protein than beef, high in fiber and iron, and low in fat.   Finally, cricket protein is humane.
An unbeatable combination – nutritious, humane, sustainable and dogs love it!  Our dog Cody goes absolutely nuts for these healthy eco friendly treats.   Get yours today for that special pup in your life!  
Our Best Pick for Holiday Book Giving:
Authored by Beth Cherryholmes Miller the founder & CEO of  Wagtown, 501(c)3, who is very passionate about making our world more dog friendly!  Tucker Finds His Forever Home is a wonderful book about empathy and humane treatment of animals as seen through the eyes of an abandoned young pitbull.  The book addresses self-worth, discrimination, safety, emotions, and bullying. It also focuses on key messages about hope, resilience, and love.  The book is inspiring, touching, fun to read and full of opportunities to cheer for the  main character throughout his journey.  Order your book today! (100% of proceeds to animal welfare!)

For the pet professional in your life, (or maybe that is you!), one of American Pet Professionals signature courses Planning the Purrfect Pet Event – The Course, is currently on sale at 50% off until Cyber Monday! (11/30/2020).   Recently updated with COVID safety protocols, this 5 Star Rated course will help you learn how to plan the perfect pet event now – for future pet events post Covid too!

You will always have access to the course to re-visit in the future when planning your events.  BONUS tips on how to attract the MEDIA to  your events and get press coverage too.   This course is purrfect for any pet professional who wants to learn how to host successful pet events, whether you have a location or not.  Created by Nancy Hassel, founder, President and visionary of American Pet Professionals – who has hosted well over 1,000 pet events over the last decade for all areas and professions of the pet industry.   Get in on this course before the 50% discount ends!  Click here to purchase and enroll!

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We know the holidays can be stressful for our pets, and you may be searching for a healthy product that will help ease their aniexty.  Pampered Pets USA has a new line of Hemp Soft Chews for Dogs – with CBD just released a couple of months ago!   Pampered Pets USA has been keeping dogs happy for over 25 years with their natural, wholesome, oatmeal based dog treats – and now with their new line of Functional Dog Soft Chews with CBD.  There are three varities, and pictured below is their calming treats which we know helps during the stress of the holidays.  Our own dog Cody loves these, and they really calm him down.  So order some today for your dog or purchase to donate to some of the animals shelters listed below. 

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We have complied a list below of animal rescue and non-profit organizaitons that you can continue your gift giving to.  We hope you take a chance to read about each one and perhaps find one that you would like to donate to, see if they have wishlists, and maybe even send some of the products listed above to!  (Win win if you ask us!) 


Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue, Inc. – Based on Long Island, NY Amaryllis’s mission statement is: Our mission is to save slaughter bound horses and ponies that still have quality of life, rehabilitate them as necessary and give them a second chance at life and being loved.
To help fund this operation we offer horsemanship, horse care and riding lesson programs for all ages teaching our students to revere the horse. 
To feel deep respect or admiration for something is to revere it. Our hope is that the children and adults will come to an understanding of the horse, so deep, that they will revere them always. Years from now, perhaps they will help a horse in need. Join a private program and begin to understand why we do what we do.  
Learn more about their incredible rescue by clicking their link. 


Animal Cancer Foundation Based on Long Island, NY, Animal Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to finding a cure for cancer by funding research in and increasing public awareness of comparative oncology, the study of naturally occurring cancers in pets and people.  Too many of us continue to lose our loved ones—people and pets—to cancer.  We also suffer the long-term consequences of current treatment options or face a diagnosis of a rare cancer that does not have effective treatment options.  Animal Cancer Foundation seeks to change this by closing the gap in funding for comparative oncology research, uniting pet & human research for a cure.®


Animal Care Trust USA – Based in Oviedo, FL, Animal Care Trust USA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping Loved Pets in loving homes.  Who will take care of your pet if you become disabled or die?  You would never intentionally harm your pet, yet more than 500,000 loved pets are euthanized each year because their pet parent didn’t have a plan.  Protect your pet with a Pet Trust today!  They offer Pet Trusts and Pet Protection Plans, learn more on their website. 


Canine Adoption and Rescue League Based in Santa Paula, CA, Canine Adoption and Rescue League (C.A.R.L.) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit all breed, no-kill dog rescue and adoption organization. Since 1996, C.A.R.L. has rescued and placed thousands of unwanted, sick, abandoned, and homeless dogs. Dogs in our adoption program are placed in pre-screened, loving and secure homes. We make a lifetime commitment to all of our dogs.  C.A.R.L. is located in Ventura County, California and primarily serves Ventura County dogs. Because of our lifetime commitment to our dogs we have a preference to place dogs locally so we are available to them if needed. We rely on donations and do not receive government, state, or city funding. We operate almost entirely by volunteers.


Guardians of Rescue – Based on Long Island, NY, but a national organiation, Guardians of Rescue’s mission is to facilitate and foster programs and activities that further the unique benefits of interaction between people and animals. We are all about compassionate action, about People Helping Animals and Animals Helping People. At its core, we are an animal rights and welfare organization whose members work to protect the wellbeing of all animals and their owners, and come to the aid of those in distress.  The Guardians of Rescue is a registered 501(c)3, not for profit organization whose members work tirelessly to work to protect the wellbeing of all animals and come to the aid of those in distress. We are all about People Helping Animals and Animals Helping People.


Long Island Dog Owners Group – Based on Long Island, NY,  Long Island Dog Owners Group (LI-DOG) is a non-profit organization that works to create dog parks and increase access to public parkland and beaches for Long Island dog owners and their dogs so they can enjoy Long Island’s beautiful parks and beaches just like other Long Island families.  LI-DOG has organized dog owners and worked with elected officials and Parks officials since 1998 to create 10 dog parks and at least 10 new on-leash dog walking trails on Long Island parkland.   Making Long Island dog friendly – and doing an incredible job, see how you can get involved by clicking their link above. 


Long Island Kitten Solution Inc. – Based on Long Island, NY,  Long Island Cat Kitten Solution (LICKS) is a high-quality, low-cost spay and neuter clinic for cats and kittens, operated by a group of caring veterinary professionals and volunteers, passionate about making a difference and ensuring that all animals have loving, caring forever homes. We are all proud cat parents and will care for your cat as though it were our own.  All cats and kittens are welcome, including feral kittens/cats and community cats.  


Long Island Parrot Society – Based on Long Island, NY,  LIPS is “for the birds” ~ We are dedicated to responsible bird ownership through education and example.  Our members include breeders, pet shop professionals, and parrot fanatics who share their homes with multiple birds, and there are members who are proud to have just one special parrot.  We are a non-profit, 501c3 organization (NYS Charities Registration No. 43-65-18) dedicated to improving the lives of psittaciformes through education, research, advocacy and service, to help prevent endangerment or extinction, and to create a shelter and adoption center for displaced parrots and other pet birds.  Celebrating 35 years – find out more about all they do at their link above. 


Paws of War – Based on Long Island, NY, Paws of War mission statement is:  To train and place shelter dogs to serve and provide independence to our U.S. military Veterans that suffer from the emotional effects of war. In turn, each Veteran can experience the therapeutic and unconditional love only a companion animal can bring.   Since 2014, they have supported over 100 Veterans with service dogs rescued from kill shelters.  They also help with veterinary care – to learn more, click their link above. 


Pawsitive Possibilities Resuce Inc. – Based on Long Island, NY, Pawsitive Possibilities Rescue’s mission statement is to give homeless animals a clear second chance at a happy & healthy life by constantly maximizing our efforts to rescue, shelter, medicate, and rehabilitate those who cannot help themselves.  Helping dogs get rehomed and working with shelters – find out more about them by clicking their link. 


People Advocating for Change (PAC) – Based on Long Island, NY,  P.A.C. is a 501c3 Non-Profit Animal Welfare organization working to improve the Mastic, Mastic Beach and Shirley communities by helping pets and their families through education and support. Our goal is to decrease pet overpopulation and homelessness while helping  both people and animals by providing access to spay/neuter programs, low cost veterinary care, supplies, training and access to additional resources while advocating for stronger animal welfare laws.  The purpose of the formation of P.A.C. is to decrease the overpopulation of animals in our communities as well as decrease the number of pets surrendered to animal shelters. We plan on accomplishing our goal by developing a non-judgmental arena to provide support to community members. 


Pets4Luv Foundation – Based on Long Island, NY,  Pets4Luv Foundation is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit animal rescue.  Our organization is 100% volunteer based with no paid employees or board members.  All of our funding comes from private donations; we receive no government funding to run our organization.  Pets4Luv is no-kill rescue, which means we will never euthanize an animal for space.   Pets4Luv does a lot more for homeless animals than what their mission statement says,  so please visit their website to see how you can help and get involved!


Pets Alive – Based in Middletown, NY,  Pets Alive is a no-kill animal rescue, located in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, about 1 1/2 hours from New York City. Our mission is to improve the lives of companion animals everywhere by any means possible, including rescue, adoption, advocacy, collaboration, intervention and education.  Pets Alive is one of the oldest no-kill organizations in the United States. Animals at Pets Alive include dogs, cats and farm animals.  Many of the animals at Pets Alive are older, have special needs or require special care.  


Pioneers for Animal Welfare Society – Based on Long Island, NY,  PAWS is currently celebrating its 40th year of helping animals.  PAWS is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting respect for all living things, as well as attempting to reduce the increasing companion animal population.  PAWS has many programs which are helpful in achieving our goals.  PAWS operates Humane Education Program to help children to understand the importance of taking responsibility for their pets, including spaying/neutering. PAWS operates a humane education program that is presented to school aged students each year.  The program is called “PAWS To Learn” and is offered free to schools, libraries, scouts and other civic groups.


RSVP, Inc. Based on Long Island, NY – RSVP, Inc., (Responsible Solutions for Valued Pets), is a proactive, grass roots animal welfare organization dedicated to improving the lives of companion animals while enhancing the communities in which they live by providing low-cost and free spay/neuter assistance, rescue & adoption services, pet care education and continued oversight and support as needed for responsible pet ownership.


Shelter LinkBased on Long Island, NY, Shelter Link is an all volunteer 501(c)3 organization created in October 2008 to help the animals in the Long Island community.  Shelter Link is an extraordinary rescue organization dedicated to saving those animals both in the shelter and out that are not covered by any other programs; those that have no one to care for them and, in the case of ferals, many consider a nuisance.  We promote the Babylon town animal shelter animals by sharing their Facebook pages. We have an adoption book with photos and bios of each dog available.  We also take the dogs out to adoption events for the shelter as well as holding events at the shelter.


Southampton Animal Shelter FoundationBased on Long Island, NY,  The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of our donors and volunteers to care for the homeless animals in our community, and place them in loving “forever homes.” The Southampton Animal Shelter was operated as a municipal shelter by the Town of Southampton until January 2010. Due to budget cuts at the time, the Town eliminated the shelter.  A concerned group of locals citizens banded together to save the shelter and created the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation, with a mission to provide for the welfare of the ever-growing number of homeless animals, and, in turn, to place them in permanent caring homes.  The Shelter is primarily dedicated to caring for homeless animals in our community of 22 towns-but… we don’t stop there. We rescue dogs from “kill shelters” and dire situations from across the country from New York City to Georgia to Puerto Rico and even China. 


The Shelter Connection Based on Long Island, NY, The Shelter Connection is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization working in partnership with Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter staff in Port Washington, NY.   In 1999, our forward thinking shelter had a dream. This was the year The Shelter Connection was realized, as a group of volunteers entered the shelter’s doors with like-minded goals…to improve the lives of shelter dogs while they await adoption. Our successes, to say the least, are beyond what we could even have imagined!  Volunteers are professionally trained as adoption advisers and dog handlers, and our fundraising efforts support many shelter improvement programs.  We believe that every dog is unique in their personality and needs. As such our goal is to find each dog the home and family they deserve. 


Wagtown – Based in Centerville, OH,  Wagtown’s mission statement – Authentic Dog Friendliness.  Wagtown sets responsible and genuine standards for the term, “dog friendly.”  Our mission is to lead the movement to create a Wagtown® community for everyone.  To do this, we advocate for dog-friendliness through research, consulting, leveraging big data, education, marketing, and empowerment.  A Wagtown® community is a place where residents and visitors recognize and enjoy the many benefits and opportunities of responsible dog-friendliness. These communities are vibrant, stronger, and better connected.  Wagtown destinations attract people, spur economic growth, and foster loyalty.  A Wagtown zone contributes to the core vitality of livable communities across the United States.


Yorkie911 Rescue – Based on Long Island, NY – Founded in July 2010, Yorkie911 Rescue, Inc is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization comprised of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about rescuing, vetting, and re-homing Yorkshire terriers and other small breed dogs. Given our many years in rescue, we’ve come to realize that saving every needy dog is impossible, but we remain forever grateful for the ones we do save. Our mission is to rescue and ultimately find the perfect adoptive home for the Yorkshire terriers and other small breed dogs in our care. We are also committed to raising awareness throughout our community about the Yorkie and other small breed dogs.


And don’t forget about your local municipal animal shelters, non-profit organizations near you that may need help this year.   Happy Holidays everyone – stay safe and healthy!


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