2 Must Have Pet Tech Products!

by Nancy E. Hassel, ThisFurryLife.com, Sponsored Content


If you are a regular reader of This Furry Life, or you know me from American Pet Professionals, you know that my dog Cody and I love to go on adventures together. Cody and I have hit the road for long trips, like our tour of New England two summers ago.  We also explore local parks, beaches, and pet-friendly destinations every week, no matter what time of year!


Cody is one of the best travel companions because he loves to be on the go as much as I do. Because we love to go for so many rides together, car safety is extremely important to me, and I was happy to learn about the Waggle Pet Monitor and get the chance to try it out on a multi state road trip and on local trips as well.  The Waggle Pet Monitor tracks your RV temperature, humidity, RV power, location, and more.  Even though I do not own an RV, it is helpful to me when Cody and I travel in our car. 


As a rule, I don’t ever leave Cody in the car without me to go food shopping, but it is reassuring to know that I have Waggle Pet Monitor just in case I needed it. You never know when a situation might occur when you have no other solution than to leave your pet in the car with the AC running and the doors locked.  For example, if you’re on a long road trip, you might need to stop at a rest stop to use a restroom, get coffee, or at those gas stations where the pay at the pump feature is not working. 

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Another un-advertised function of the Waggle Pet Monitor is that I can get alerts about how hot it is when we are out walking during hot days, then use the remote starter to cool the car down before we even get in! If you’ve ever wanted to know how quickly your RV or car gets hot in the summer, just put the monitor in a closed-up vehicle without your pets in it and see how fast it becomes dangerously hot! It is mind-blowing how quickly it gets dangerously hot. Waggle Pet Monitor’s protection is not just limited to hot summer days but also can prevent your pets from getting frostbite in chilly winters. 


One of Waggle’s newer products is the WaggleCam. This pet camera lets you view your pets, talk to them, and even toss them treats from anywhere, anytime. It can be helpful with pandemic pets who have never been home alone.


It also helps the pet owners to monitor their fur kids who have developed separation anxiety during the pandemic from having their humans home with them. I like the WaggleCam because I can check in on Cody when I am out running errands or going to meetings and see what he’s up to. It’s like a secret glimpse into his furry life that I would not otherwise get to see without the WaggleCam. 


I can also take the WaggleCam with me when Cody travels with me. This will be great once I start going to events if I need to leave him in a hotel room for a short time. I will be able to check in on my mobile phone and can toss him some healthy treats as a reward when he behaves. 


In my business, I get to learn about a lot of new pet products. Of course, Cody is often the happy beneficiary of this perk to my job!   Do you regularly travel with your pet?  Or want to be able to see your pet while your at work and toss them a treat?  






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