Howl-o-ween Pet Safety Tips

by Nancy Hassel,

Keep your Pets Safe this Halloween!

I personally love Halloween – always have and now that our pets are more and more involved in the HOWL-o-ween celebrations with pet parades, costume contests, apple and pumpkin picking with our dogs – just love it!

But our pets can be really spooked by the creepy sites and sounds of trick-or-treaters, decorations, (and seriously – some of the decorations are gruesome and lifelike these days – and that can easily freak your pets out!), unfamiliar noises, the doorbell constantly ringing, etc.

Here are some simple tips to keep your pet safe at home on this haunted Halloween, and please share this to help others learn how to keep their pets safe while you’re having a bone chilling good time! ;)

Having a Halloween Party?

  • Provide a safe and secure place away from guests in costumes for your pet to be.  This can be a room away from the action and noise and if your dog is crate trained – have them inside their crate for added protection of them freaking out over Casper and reacting or trying to get out of the house!
  • Or if you need to Board your dog – if your worried about the comings and goings of people, trick or treaters, etc.
  • Remember kids and adults in costumes can be really scary for any pets – and the may react to those costumes in a way you were not expecting.
  • Even the most chill dog can be spooked or react – don’t set them up for failure – provide them that safe place.

Trick or Treaters:

  • Candy is super tempting to pets – be sure to keep that candy bowl for the trick or treaters out of reach from your pets. You don’t want to have to be at the ER with your pet because he or she ingested candy!
  • Don’t have your dog or cat at the door to greet trick or treaters.  You may think your pet is perfect and would never react or get scared and bolt out the door.  It just takes one time.

Walking your pet while trick or treating with your kids?

  • This is a know your dog situation!  NO DENIAL about your dog’s behavior here.  I have personally taken both of my dogs in the past with my niece trick or treating – because they were well socialized and not freaked out by decorations, costumes, etc.  If I had a super nervous dog or dog that would react to such things – I would not have brought them along.
  • Always have proper up-to-date ID on your dog.  Just in case you drop the leash, or he gets loose while out trick or treating. Dog forbid!
  • If you are unsure of how your do might react – leave him home!

Dressing Fido up in a costume?

  • Makesure the costume is fitted properly – that your pet can see, hear, walk normally and does not have dangling pieces of the costume that could get caught on something or they may eat.
  • Only dress your pet up if they don’t mind.  My last dog Max – no way he was wearing a costume – he hated any kind of clothing!
  • Dress your pet up a few times to get them used to the costume in 5 minute increaments (with rewards!) and they might get used to it and not mind.  But don’t force it if your pet is unhappy.

Happy HOWL-o-ween!

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