#GivingTuesday for Animal Rescue Organizations

by Nancy E. Hassel, ThisFurryLife.com

Today on #GivingTuesday, I hope that you use some of that money that you saved on Cyber Monday and Black Friday to give back to your favorite charitable organization.  Did you know that our parent company, American Pet Professionals, has many incredible non-profit animal rescues and organizations members that doing amazing things for animals and people on a daily basis?  If you are not sure who to donate to, or what you can do to help, see below and get to know what these organizations do, and click to see how you can help: 

Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue – Amaryllis started in 1998, became a 501 c 3 in 2005 and their mission is to save slaughter-bound horses and ponies to give them a new life, rehabilite them as needed and give them a second chance at being loved.   They have many incredible programs that you can participate in from afar and local to the Long Island, NY area.  

Animal Cancer Foundation – The Animal Cancer Foundation (ACF) is dedicated to finding a cure for cancer by funding research in and promoting public awareness of comparative oncology, the study of naturally occurring cancers in humans and companion animals.

Bumper Bulldogs – We are a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation consisting of extremely Bulldog-passionate board members.  We have teamed up to make a difference in the rescuing of Bulldogs and giving them a well deserved second chance at a wonderful life filled with love, proper care and a place to call their “Forever Home.”  That’s the BUMPER promise.

Friends of Rottweiler – Friends of Rottweiler is a 501c3 non-profit group of Rottweiler owners and adopters that help find homes for Rottweilers in need. 

Get A Bull –  Our shelters are full of pit bull type dogs.  This is largely due to over breeding and public hysteria driven by the media.  We are committed to helping the pit bull dog by rescuing pit bulls from shelters, controlling over population through spay & neuter, and assisting pit bull owners so they can keep their family pets. Get A Bull, Inc is a 501c3 animal rescue & advocacy group dedicated to the rescue of pit bull dogs in Long Island, NY and Southern CT. “Helping the Breed Most in Need!”

Guardians of Rescue – The mission of the Guardians is to facilitate and foster programs and activities that further the unique benefits of interaction between people and animals. We are all about compassionate action, about People Helping Animals and Animals Helping People. At its core, we are an animal rights and welfare organization whose members work to protect the wellbeing of all animals and their owners, and come to the aid of those in distress.  The Guardians of Rescue is a registered 501(c)3, not for profit organization whose members work tirelessly to work to protect the wellbeing of all animals and come to the aid of those in distress. We are all about People Helping Animals and Animals Helping People.

Homeless Animal Rescue Project – The Homeless Animal Rescue Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the killing of dogs and cats in our shelters.  We donate 100% of the proceeds to rescues, sanctuaries and organizations that help animals in need. 

Kent Animal Shelter The mission of the Kent Animal Shelter is to provide a no-kill haven for homeless, abused and abandoned animals until permanent homes can be found. Programs include Adoption, Rescue, Low Cost Spay/Neuter, Humane Education.

Live Love Bark Animal Rescue – Live.Love.Bark Dog Rescue Inc. is the non-profit volunteer group that works directly with Islip Animal Shelter and Adopt-a-Pet Center. Our mission is to train homeless dogs and prepare them for life after the shelter, while fundraising to ensure the animals have all they need while waiting for a forever home.  Our main priorities are training, promoting and fundraising. If interested in volunteering, fostering or donating please contact us! 

Long Island Cat Kitten Solution – LICKS is a low-cost/high-care spay neuter clinic for owned and community cats. To control the feral/stray cat population in Nassau County and to offer low cost spay/neuter options to family cats.

Long Island Dog Owners Group – The Long Island Dog Owners Group (LI-DOG) is a non-profit organization that works to create dog parks and increase access to public parkland and beaches for Long Island dog owners and their dogs so they can enjoy Long Island’s beautiful parks and beaches just like other Long Island families.

Long Island Parrot Society – We are dedicated to responsible bird ownership through education and example.    A non-profit, 501c3 organization dedicated to improving the lives of psittaciformes through education, research, advocacy and service, to help prevent endangerment or extinction, and to create a shelter and adoption center for displaced parrots and other pet birds.

Paws of War – Paws of War is a non-profit organization that trains and places rescued dogs to serve and provide independence to our United States military veterans who suffer the emotional effects of war. We work to provide independence to these military veterans. Most of our rescued dogs have been abandoned at shelters through no fault of their own. Every dog is trained for a specific veteran to fulfill his or her needs. Some veterans affected by PTSD need a sense of protection and security that only a service dog can provide. Service dogs can be trained to retrieve items for a wheelchair bound veteran, or help with balance for a veteran suffering from TBI (traumatic brain injury). Other veterans require an emotional support dog and others simply want a comfort/companion animal.

People Advocating for Change –  PAC is a 501c3 non-profit animal welfare organization, working to improve the Mastic, Mastic Beach and Shirley NY communities by  helping pets and their families through education and support.  Our goal is to decrease pet overpopulation and homelessness while helping both people and animals by providing access to spay/neuter programs, low cost veterinary care, supplies, training and  access to additional resources while advocating for stronger animal welfare laws.

Pioneers for Animal Welfare Society – PAWS is currently celebrating its 40th year of helping animals. PAWS is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting respect for all living things, as well as attempting to reduce the increasing companion animal population.

RSVP Inc – RSVP Animal Welfare & Rescue Group is dedicated to helping Long Island pets in need. Our goal is to stop pet abuse, neglect & overpopulation in our communities.  We provide many services to the community, including low-cost spay/neuter assistance, rescue & adoption services, pet care education, and continued oversight & support as needed for responsible pet ownership.

Shelter Link – Shelter Link is an all volunteer 501(c)3 organization created in October 2008 to help the animals in the Long Island community. We volunteer with local shelters. We have a feral cat TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program for local residents. We have a canine spay neuter program which assists financially for those in need of help. We have several educational programs including TNR workshops, school visits, and attend many local fairs so we can speak directly with the community and work with them on responsible pet ownership. We also strive to educate the public on the benefits of spaying / neutering their pets and the huge pet overpopulation in the United States due to unfixed animals. We are the link between the animal shelter and the community and by all working together we hope to improve the lives of many animals.

Southampton Animal Shetler Foundation – The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that relies on the caring generosity of our donors and volunteers to care to for the homeless animals in our community, and place them in loving “forever homes.” The number of animals in need of our help is growing every day. The overpopulation of pets on Long Island is a major issue and sadly more amazing animals are ending up homeless. Whether caring for strays found wandering the streets, rescuing neglected and abandoned animals, or saving dogs from the horrors of the puppy mill industry, the shelter is a safe haven for all animals and for some, a last resort. Without SASF, these animals would not be able to survive. The shelter provides a stepping stone for animals to find a loving home. It offers them housing, food, medical treatment, training, and rehabilitation when necessary.

The Shelter Connection – The Shelter Connection was founded in 2000. We are an all volunteer organization at the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter in Port Washingon, NY.  Our volunteers are professionally trained as adoption advisors and dog handlers, and our fundraising efforts support many shelter improvement programs. We hope to improve the quality of the life for the homeless dogs at our shelter by increasing adoptions through training and socialization and through educational outreach teaching the public that shelter dogs are not “damaged goods.”

Unchained New York – Unchained New York is a 501c3 non-profit, volunteer-run organization. Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds but all share a passion and love for animals. We also share the common belief that by educating and instilling knowledge within the community that we can break the cycle of abuse and neglect while bringing positive, lasting change in the treatment of animals. Unchained New York provides education, supplies and other resources to pet owners in low-income communities across Long Island, NY. Through our nonjudgmental outreach and educational directives, we strive to improve the quality of life of chained and/or neglect dogs while encouraging owners to become active participants in their pet’s lives. In addition, we strongly advocate the spaying and neutering of all companion animals. We are actively working to reduce the over population of pets through our spaying and neutering initiatives. Through cohesive teamwork between our volunteers and pet owners, we truly believe we can build a more compassionate and humane community.

Yorkie 911 Rescue –  Founded in July 2010, Yorkie911 Rescue, Inc is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization comprised of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about rescuing, vetting, and re-homing Yorkshire terriers and other small breed dogs.  Yorkie 911’s mission is to rescue and ultimately find the perfect adoptive home for the Yorkshire terriers and other small breed dogs in their care. They are also committed to raising awareness throughout our community about the Yorkie and other small breed dogs.


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