NY Pet Fashion Show Sparkles in Country Couture!

by Nancy E. Hassel, ThisFurryLife.com

Every year I attend the NY Pet Fashion Show held at the Hotel Pennsylvania by Ada Nieves Pet Fashion Designer and Gregg Oehler of Hamptons Pet Magazine, benefitting the NYC Mayor’s Alliance.  Unofficially kicking off Fashion week and the whirlwind of events of Westminster, this extravagant event showcases the incredible talent of the pet fashion and human fashion designers.   People come from around the world to attend, and not to mention the huge presence of the media covering this show.

This year’s show did not disappoint – the theme was ‘Country Couture for Animal Rescue’ and each design is almost unbelievable to see the sheer talent of these fashion designers.

Kicking off the show was Summer Strand in her Rise of the Phoenix outfit with her adorable rescued Chihuahua, April Moon in a matching design.


ZZ Talks the adorable Maltipoo pup here walking the catwalk with her mom Ilene Ziens took the prize for Most Popular Dog!  Just look at that skirt!  And yes she could walk around just fine it – as she was backstage.  


Fallon was all decked out in red white and blue and did a fantastic job walking down the runway with this adorable dog that was up for adoption.  (Heard backstage that Fallon and her mom fell in love with the pup and were thinking about adopting!) 

Grace Forster and her two pups never disappoint with their all-white outfit dripping in rhinestones.


And it was not just dogs in this pet fashion show, there was a cat, a bearded dragon, Lady Gaga – the chicken and a turtle!


Richie Schwartz Photography NY Pet Fashion Show 2018 2

Anthony Rubio of Anthony Rubio Designs, is the only fashion designer who will be having his 6th show at NYC Fashion week that is for both pets and humans.  Pictured below with two of his pup models.


Dana Humphrey of Whitegate PR is holding one of the pups that is available for adoption through Yorkie911.


Ser El Topito and his Insta famous dogs Yeyush and Renzo! @yeyush_the_chihuahua

NY Pet Fashion Show 2018

Gone with the wind 2018 shows up on the runway with these incredible designs.


And of course, we could not have a blog post without and Frenchie!  If you have yet to attend the NY Pet Fashion show, plan on heading to NYC for the events next year, make sure this one is on your list to attend.  In addition to the pet fashion, there are pet vendors and sponsors to help make this event happen, and a lot of fun seeing many pet friends at the show.


You have to love this Frenchie taking the red carpet in such stride!  Big thank you to the 2017 Pet Photographer of the Year, Dee McMeekan of Dee is for Dogs photography and to this year’s 2018 Pet Photographer of the Year, Richie Schwartz of Pets Photography Studio for providing these outstanding photos of the event!

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