Hot Picks from Global Pet Expo!


by Nancy Hassel,

This year at Global, I am happy to say I saw a lot of new, innovative, fun, and whimsical pet products – that just drew me to their booth.   While I know I missed a ton since there are over 3,000 booths and displays, here’s what stood out to me while walking the miles and miles of trade show floor!

Magisso, which was in the new products section, their display stopped me in my tracks and drew me in.  The colors and design of their ceramic bowls and treat holders are aesthetically pleasing for spring or any time of year.  As I was taking pictures someone from their booth started to tell me about their products, and they do a lot more than pleasing the eye.  As you can see below is a slow feeder that comes in a heart shape and bone shape.  They also had bowls without the slow feeder in different sizes for both large and small dogs, and cats. 

From their website, “The naturally cooling water bowl provides the dog with water that is clean, cold and fresh. Simply soak the bowl in water for 60 seconds to activate the natural cooling effect. The bowl will stay cool for hours keeping the water fresh and eliminating bacterial contamination.”
And one of the bowls was much cooler to touch compared to the non-soaked room temperature bowl.  How cool is that?


Sticking with the bowls, I had to take a picture of these porcelain cat bowls by Neocichi. They had a few different designs and shapes and really pretty items for cats.


These pretty feeder dishes can adorn your backyard while feeding birds, butterflies and such.  Made by Petface – their booth was chock full of beautiful, modern bird feeding stations and many other pet products. IMG_7703

The last in the ceramics category were these whimsical, yet functional and very funny teapots by Blue Sky Clay Works. You may notice what the cat is using to poor into his teacup.  And there were all kinds of adorable mugs – this booth was filled with one cuter mug than the next. You may have seen some of these in HomeGoods while out shopping. IMG_7690

Can you see their mouths are the spouts?


I could probably write about ten articles just pet bedding alone, but these are the ones that I just loved seeing.  By Dharma Dog and Dharma Cat, the snowy owl cat bed is just perfect.  They had all kinds of adorable cat beds, fish, flowers and so on.  Check out their website to see them all.

From their website, ” Dharma Dog Karma Cat offers extraordinary beds and toys for your pets by partnering with women’s collectives, socially conscious artisans and family run businesses in Nepal. Using a technique called wet-felting, the only materials used in the making of these items are pure wool, natural soap, and water. We use safe, non-toxic dyes in an environmentally sustainable low-impact dying process which uses less energy and produces less waste byproduct.”



If bling is more your style, these imperial crystal pet beds will definitely suit your sparkle needs.  Made by Hello Doggie who makea a line of all kinds of boutique items for pets and their parents alike.


Dog toys that will challenge your pup and are just a riot, are by Starmark Pet Products. These can be used as slow feeders or just treat dispensers.  They come in different sizes and in a Monkey, Panda, and Tiger!  They have a ton of products as well for tough chewers, check them out on their website. IMG_7645

These Mega Mutt, Mega Plush monster toys were adorable one cuter than the next.  Made by R2Pet.  Of course, with any dog toys, you should absolutely monitor your pups and make sure they do not eat any part of the toy.  This toy would not be good for my own dog, but I thought they were too cute not to take a picture of.



Have a pup that likes to swim, dock dive and often can’t see the ball or toy in the water?  This new toy, The Seals by DOOG was created to sit upright in the water.  The bottom is heavier than the top so the toy sits up and your dog can spot it in the water.  A great idea for anyone that watches their dog not be able to see a stick or tennis ball you tossed in the water for them!


Looking for the most adorable cat toys?  Look no further than these catnip toys by  Fuzzu! They have something for everyone and their toys are made with organic catnip – so whether you are into the fun Splatter Bugs, trending political figures, or the Seed Packet toys, you may be just as enamored as I was with their quirky product line. They have dog toys too.IMG_7676



I spotted this new product, as I was walking through the new product section on the last day of Global. What caught my attention was the ears and tail of this Kitty Pass.  Made by a Long Island local, it was their first Global – and I have to say I think the cat world may just go nuts for this kitty pass through! And made in the USA!


These beautiful colors and leashes from the Netherlands are made by DWAM (Dog With A Mission), the colors alone drew me in, but they could also very easily be mistaken for beautiful designs by someone in the mid-west of the USA, imo. I would love for my dog to adorn one of these, I think Cody would look amazing in any of these!



And if you don’t like leather, but like the look of leather collars, these beautiful, vegan, waterproof (both collar material and hardware), collars by PACKT – are beautifully made.  The feel and look of these collars and leashes will have you fooled.   And perfect for your dog that likes to swim, you won’t have to worry about their color being ruined by the water.  All made in the USA too.  I love that aqua blue color! They are reasonably priced and also the company gives back to animal rescue organizations.


Last but not least! If you know me I am all about natural products for our pets and am a big proponent of flea and tick and mosquito repellent that is all natural with no harsh chemicals. This new to the pet world product, Ruff on Bugs is 100% organic, non-GMO Flea & Tick Spray for dogs.  I can’t wait to try it out in a month or two when the weather warms up.  It is made by the same company that makes the human version, Mighty No Bitey that is a big seller. IMG_7670

There were a lot of other wonderful products at Global, of course, but these stood out to me and I hope you check them out and if you purchase any, let me know what you thought. And visit our parent company’s Facebook page for videos from the show as well!  Until the next show!




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