SUP with your PUP?

by Nancy Hassel,

Last weekend a friend and I went to an event hosted by Southampton Animal Shelter at Dockers in East Quogue, NY – SUP with your Pup!  Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) and kayaking with your dog – the event was so much fun and a few of the dogs available for adoption took right to both kayaking and SUP – as if they do it every day.  Dog’s are just amazing aren’t they!

This adorable puppy took to paddle boarding immediately and is available for adoption at Southampton Animal Shelter!

There are so many fun water sports you can take your dog along with you these days, it isn’t uncommon to see a dog in a kayak, on a surfboard hanging ten at the ocean or SUPing with their pet parent.surfing dog

Or even diving 23 feet into a pool at a dock diving festival – which you can find happening across the country now.

This pup had a blast diving at the Harbor Pet dock diving festival in Peconic, NY earlier this month.

I plan on taking my dog Cody this summer in the kayak – he does love the water so there will be some training to show him how to stay in the kayak – and not jump out! (Don’t worry he already has a lifejacket – and can swim better than any Lab out there!) 🙂

Haha, the look on Cody’s face! He strutted through the store wearing this doggie life jacket after this photo!

For some simple tips on what to do if you want your pup to join you out on the water this summer check out a previous article here.

Will you be taking your dog with you on the water this summer?

Let us know in the comment section below!


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