Cody’s Summer Road Trip – Embarking soon!

by Nancy Hassel,

Heading out on the open road with my dog has been something we have been doing since I adopted Cody in 2015.   Cody has been to New Jersey, visiting the Pet Age offices, a grooming show nearby, to Lake George, N.Y. several times and also recently to Virginia, to be on The Pet Show with Dr. Katy in Arlington, to Alexandria, and walked around Washington D. C.   He is a great travel companion and seems to really love being in new places and of course meeting lots of people and other dogs.

Romping in the water at the dog-friendly beach in Lake George, NY.

This summer I decided a longer trip along the Northeast Coast that would be fun and more of a working vacation, and a test for a potentially longer trip like our buddies Tango Munch Pitbull do every year – cross country.


Before we went on air at the Dr. Katy show!

We are so lucky that more and more hotels, resorts and B&B’s are now are very pet-friendly, meaning no-breed or weight restrictions, and many are rolling out the red carpet for pets, tapping into that 72.5 Billion dollar a year pet industry.  And who wants to leave their pets behind when you can bring them?   

Cody checking out Virginia from one of the pet-friendly hotels he has stayed at!

There will be much exploring and fun to be had on this trip and we are keeping the actual car ride to 2-3 hour stints, even though we have traveled 5-6 hours in one shot, (with potty breaks of course), I still want this to be a fun trip – not just about being in the car the entire time!  And of course, visiting with a bunch of friends and Members of American Pet Professionals along the way!

However, safety will and is the first priority, you can see many of our safety tips on a previous article here.

But what about your home when you travel?  When you’re away, you more than likely locked up your home, secured your valuables and went on your merry way to vacation.  But a beeping smoke detector is useless when no one is home to hear it- we are fortunate to have The MAYA Smoke Detector that will instantly notify me if it detects smoke.  Which of course you don’t want to think about when away – but also gives peace of mind when traveling because if you don’t respond, the fire department is dispatched.   These precious minutes mean the difference between a little smoke damage and or loss of property.  It’s also great if you’re just out for the day, at work and don’t have your pet with you – knowing the fire department will be alerted will mean your pet will be better protected.  Maya is generously offering our readers 50% off using the promo code ROADTRIP – visit their website today. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 2.53.44 PM

There will be many articles in this series of our road trip – and we hope you follow along our journey on Cody’s Facebook and Instagram pages – and of course here weekly to learn more about where we are staying, what products we are bringing and much more!

Want to get involved?  Email us today,, to learn more about how you can become a sponsor of our road trip! 








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