Keep those TEEFer’s clean during National Pet Dental Health Month!

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Did you know that the month of February is National Pet Dental Health Month?

Veterinarian’s often talk about the importance of brushing your dog’s teeth – daily – but how many of you really are brushing your pup’s teeth?   Dental health in dogs and cats is very important.   Smaller dogs often have the worse dental disease due to the mere fact that their mouths are smaller, and teeth are closer together. But all dogs can suffer from periodontal disease as well as cats.

Dachshund dog with a toothbrush

If you have a new puppy or kitten, the best time to start is while they are still young, getting them used to brushing their teeth.  There are specially made pet toothbrushes and pet toothpaste, (do NOT ever use human toothpaste on a dog, it can be very dangerous to the dog), that you can purchase in any pet store. If you are not sure how to brush your dog’s teeth, consult your veterinarian on the proper tools and technique – this way you will not hurt your dog.

If you are looking for an additional way, and an easier way to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy – check out TEEF! Daily Dental Care for your pet’s dental health.   Created by Dr. Emily Stein a microbiologist,  this award-winning dental hygiene product TEEF!’s prebiotic powder formula, Protektin42 is super easy to use. 

Designed to target the cause of dental disease where it exists, below the gumline. 
4 ingredients are 100% safe, vegan, grain-free, tummy-friendly, human-grade and incredibly effective.  Scoop and add to drinking water for easy daily dental care. 
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To get yours today and get a discount, go to and use code APPDENTAL10 for 10% off your order!

Right now it is only available for dogs, but they are working on a formula for cats as well.   We believe dental health is a vital part of keeping your pet healthy – and now TEEF makes it very easy for pet parents to do so.

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