Denver Voted to Repeal Pit Bull Ban, after 30 years!

by Nancy Hassel,

UPDATE:  As most of you know this was vetoed by the Mayor of Denver, and then a re-vote was done and lost by one.  Do not understand how anyone could continue to be backward and archaic with their discriminatory, breedist and extremely ignorant laws in 2020.  #ENDBSL Stop Discriminating against innocent dogs and responsible dog owners. 

As I scrolled Facebook one last time before bed, I saw what I could not believe.  A post on that Denver voted to repeal the 30-year ban on Pit Bulls.  I literally had chills from head to toe, tears in my eyes, and was paralyzed looking at the post.  Could this really be true?  So I clicked the photo and sure enough, the post was said it was voted 7-4 to repeal the law.   People can now legally own pit bulls in Denver (once the law starts in 89 days from now – who is counting?).**   Amazing news, that I never thought I would see.  

**If the mayor approves the law.

While this is an end to the ban, BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) is still enacted – but this is a huge step in the right direction.  Here’s what the law will be:

To own a pit bull in Denver, a license applicant requires:
1. Name/address where the dog will live
2. Two emergency contacts
3. An accurate description of the pit bull
4. Annual fee
5. Proof the animal was microchipped, received a current rabies vaccination, and spayed or neutered.

Other conditions of ownership:
1. Maximum of two per household
2. Must notify DAP within eight hours if the dog escapes or bites
3. Must notify DAP within 24 hours if the dog dies or the owner moves.
(Via Denver City Council on Twitter).

Why is this such a BIG deal?  Why should you even care?  If you didn’t know the thousands of innocent dogs were killed there because of the ban, (aka pit bulls or what they determined to be a pit bull) over the years.  There have been horrible photos of piles of dead pit bull dogs that were literally taken from people’s homes – where they were loved, family members.  Imagine your Lab, your Bulldog, your Yorkie, being taken away from you, (mind you, in the USA), and killed just because of the way the dog looked or what breed they are.   For no other reason?  Just because it was a dog the government deemed dangerous.  Can you imagine it?  I am sure you can if you live in an area with any kind of BSL.

So grateful to live in New York where BSL is prohibited statewide.
(No dog shall be deemed dangerous based on breed alone.)

I have always wanted to go to Colorado, have heard wonderful things about how nice the city of Denver is.   But nope, no way in hell was I going to step foot in that city until they overturn BSL.   Now perhaps in a few years, once it is actually safe to drive through all of Colorado, (there are still some areas with BSL), Cody and I will get to go on a road trip there.   Go hiking and do all the fun things there is to do there.

Big congratulations to everyone in Denver who worked to get this repealed, and to Councilman Chris Herndon who sponsored the bill (thank you & when are you running for president?!), and to the 6 other council members who voted to repeal it – thank you.   To all the other cities, towns, and villages across the country that still have BSL, to those that are working hard to get it repealed, this should be an example that it can get done.  Don’t give up!  Cody is ‘arrooohing’ for you to win.

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