Hiring dog professionals to help you get back to work!


By Nancy Hassel, ThisFurryLife.com

As many pet parents may be worried about their pets and separation anxiety as we start to get back to work as our country opens more and more since the COVID19 pandemic, there are many trusted pet care professionals to help you with your pet sitting and doggie daycare needs.   A few things you should do as a dog owner prior to dropping your pet off in someone else’s care are:

  • Visit the facility or pet sitter’s home if you are boarding your pet there.
  • Ask to see all areas in which your dog may be in, backyard, doggie run area, and where your pet will be kept during its stay.
  • The pet sitter should have you fill out paperwork or have an app you both can access info about your pet on, with all your contact info, veterinarian and emergency contact info, any food allergies, medical issues your pet may have, or special needs or instructions for your pet.   This is something that should be done by all pet sitters or dog walkers who are taking your pet into their care whether it is for a walk or overnight stay at their facility/home.
  • You should have a meet and greet with your pet at the doggie daycare and definitely, with any pet sitter, you are going to hire.  It just helps to see how your dog and the sitter do when meeting.
  • Ask how many dogs are at the facility at one time and how many pet caregivers are present supervising the pets in their care – and what their qualifications are to be doing so.
  • How do they screen the dogs coming into their facility? How do you know what dogs are there when your dog is there?
  • Ask where is the closest veterinarian facility to them.
  • Book now, and book early if you’re going on vacation and be patient – as more people are traveling and going back to work, you may find a lot of places booked already.


Many pet sitters are able to text you pictures and videos of your pets while they are in their care, and send you updates as well.  It’s a great way to feel at ease while you are away or just at work to see your pet is being well cared for.

 Ask questions, get a tour of the facility and when you leave you should feel comfortable about bringing your pet there, the same goes for the pet sitter or dog walker you are hiring.  

And don’t forget about also hiring a dog trainer, if your dog starts having behavioral issues at all or just may need that refresher in basic dog training after 3 months of being spoiled.  A dog trainer is a great option to get you both back on track, or if you have been fostering a dog and now are going to adopt it (YAY!), this is the perfect time to be trained.  Yup, both of you!

Labrador Retriever dog against a white backdrop holding a black leash in his mouth as he is waiting to go on a walk.



Some of this content appeared previously in our older blog www.LIPetPlace.com. 

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